Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fundamental Fridays - Current Planning

This week's Fundy goes to the staff of Current Planning. I would have mentioned them for the first award had an important zoning matter not been pending.  Now that is behind us, I am happy to extol the high standards of open government these folks set for all the rest.

There should be some clever, Dr. Suessian rhyme perhaps, to list the ways you can easily obtain documents from the good folks at Current Planning.  Show up in person, unannounced, and request a file or even any information they have about a particular address.  Email them.  Phone them.  During the times I worked on the voting records of the MDC and BZAs, I was welcomed to use their computer system to fill in my spreadsheets.  Never has there been any hesitation and the only delays have been those necessary to locate some of the older, dusty files.

I hesitate to begin listing names, as there are so many and I hate to miss anyone...  but, here goes.  Let's start with the Secretaries to the Commission and Boards - Heather Stephan and Emily Holmes.  Ann Able and her staff.  Larry Williams and his staff - David Hittle, Jeff York, Melanie Mullens and Alex Sulanke.  I know every neighborhood leader will agree that these professionals outshine everyone else when it comes to public access.


Anonymous said...

"During the times I worked on the voting records of the MDC and BZAs, I was welcomed to use their computer system to fill in my spreadsheets."

Linda Ahlbrand should get kudos for this one.

Had Enough Indy? said...

You are absolutely correct. Linda does deserve to be on the list. Thanks for adding her name.