Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Alert Reader, Jon, Delves Into Our2012SB, Inc., Contract

Alert reader Jon, has done a bang up job of delving into the contract between DPW and Our2012SB, Inc, which I exposed in my post the other day (see "Super Bowl Host Committee Got To Design Georgia Street - Taxpayers Get To Pay For It")  He has pulled some interesting items from this contract and made mention of those in the comments section of that blog post.  I think they deserve broader exposure, so I will cut and paste his findings below.  Here is the link to contract 8667 (in the log in screen, enter "public" in both boxes).  Contract 8667 is between DPW and Our2012SB, Inc., for $1.6 million, signed 2/22/11. Jon also brings up contract 8131, which is a contract between INDOT and DPW for the Georgia Street project, for $8 million of federal road construction money, signed 10/15/10.

Thanks Jon.  Great work.
Did some quick browsing on contract 8667 among the interesting things I found; most of the initial design work was planned in February and March of 2010 but the contract 8667 have a start date of 03/2011. I don't read construction contracts on a regular basis so I don't know if this is unusual or not.

The project grew from 4 million to over 10 million in less then six months, pages 66-67. The initial 4 million was from federal highway dollars, wonder where the other 6+ million will come from. There is some mention of steam heated sidewalks and that alone is 1+ million dollars.

Somewhere in attachment D the total "Optional" cost is over 13 million dollars; part of those costs, bicycle racks $13,882.50, ornamental rails $85,000.00, rain gardens $16,056.00, trees (8")$150,000.00, trees (6") $60,000.00, trees (4") $20,000.00 and radiant heat items, intersections $243,000.00, on Georgia Street $791,610.00 and vault for radiant heat $120,000.00.
No wonder they don't want anyone to see what is really going on!
Contract #8131, 10/18/2010, for 10 million for Georgia St. Project, 8 million fed and 2 million local. Is this contract also part of the SB update? I can't tell there aren't a lot of spefifics in the document.

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Anonymous said...

$14,000 for bike racks?

Just a quick internet search under "municipal bike racks" reflected the most expensive 21 bike "wave" rack cost $950 dollars a piece.

So they are buying 14 of these to hold 294 bikes for Georgia Street only????