Monday, December 20, 2010

City Owes Taxes on Its New Garage

According to the County Assessor's website the now City-owned parking garage at 101 N. New Jersey Street, and the former Bank One Ops Center block at 450 E. Market Street, now owned by Market Square Garage Ops Partners, LLC, both have taxes due. I checked on the taxes due for my house, which I know are paid up for this year, and the Assessor's database reports $0.00 due on it.

The Assessor's website shows $533,529.16 due on the garage, and $213,401.44 due on the Ops Center.

Just this morning, I have confirmed these amounts due with Marion County Treasurer, Mike Rodman. He notes that the official records show 450 E. Market Street with an address of 450 E. Washington Street (this parcel is a full city block with frontage on both streets).

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