Monday, November 15, 2010

Council Meets Tonight - Parking Meter Lease Up

The City-County Council will meet tonight, beginning at 7:00 pm. On the agenda is the 50 year lease of the parking meter system to politically connected ACS.

This effort to privatize a publicly owned monopoly is far from being in the best interest of the citizens of Indianapolis. The City can easily take $8 million from the downtown consolidate TIF district, where there will be nearly $100 million in excess cash by year's end, and pay for the meter upgrade themselves. We would then be able to collect twice the amount of money we would get under this deal - even after spending $10 million every ten years for newer technology.

There is nobody who can predict what new advances will come along that the City could turn to advantage by retaining our parking meter system and adding the new features.

If you are just now tuning into this matter, I would recommend you read my blog entries here and here, some from Ogden on Politics (here, and here), a couple from Advance Indiana (here and here ), as well as a couple from IndyStudent (here and here). As well as urban experts, Aaron Renn of the Urbanophile, and Dr. Phineas Baxandall, of the U.S. Public Interest Research Group.

Hopefully the Republican caucus will vote as individuals and in the best interest of the community -- and not as a rubberstamping caucus who just do what they are told.


Chris Worden said...

Democrat Paul Bateman is saying he's a yes. See

Anonymous said...

WE NEED TO HEAR MORE ABOUT THE CROOKS RUNNING THE DECATUR TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS! It's nice to hear about city things; such as parking meters and such...but lets hear some more about the tribe running our LOCAL school into the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How about an open forum? Freestyle posting about the schools! "Tell us your horror stories" or "tell us about the robocalls you get every day"!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said... is available if YOU want to start that.