Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Roundup

There are two particular blogs by fellow bloggers that caught my eye and which I'd like to recommend to HadEnoughIndy readers.

First was an article penned by Aaron Renn, author of the Urbanophile blog, that he wrote for, entitled "The Privatization-Industrial Complex". In it he illuminates the concern that few cities have in house talent or hire impartial outside review of privatization plans. Thus we are all at the mercy of those whose livelihoods depend upon 'working deals'. In this piece, he also notes the difference between privatizing jobs that are already being done by numerous businesses and privatizing government monopolies. The former, in theory at least, can bring competition and its resulting efficiencies to tasks that the government can outsource or privatize completely. The latter, does no such thing and as Renn notes :

"But these transactions differ markedly from the Goldsmith-style privatization. They are driven not by efficiencies but by an investment banker mindset focus on money and narrow parameters of the asset operations. They also provide enormous temptation to elected officials to grab the money now even at the expense of future generations. They are also rife with potential conflicts of interest and incentive problems."

That sounds exactly like what is happening in the sale du jour - the 50 year parking meter deal that is proposed between Indy and politically connected ACS.

Which brings me to another post - this one by Paul Ogden, over at OgdenOnPolitics, entitled "What's Wrong With the ACS Parking Contract? How Much Time Do You Have?". In his entry, Ogden lists broad categories whereby the deal fails to protect the best interests of the true owners of the City's rights of way and parking meters - our citizens. His title truly tells it all, but its a review of the facts that we all should be conversant with.

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