Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Decatur School District Proposal On-line

I haven't had a chance to read thoroughly the plan for restructuring the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township presented last night by Superintendent Don Stinson. But, I wanted to post a link to it so others had easy access to it.

Proposed plan for MSD Decatur Township restructuring

I'll be posting later the cliff notes as I see them. At first glance there are some concrete entries and some vague entries as to exactly what is impacted, who is impacted, and what the projected savings are, if any.

Also, to whose credit I do not know, but either the School Board or Stinson did make time for the Decatur community to digest what is being proposed. That is a positive move in the right direction that needs to be acknowledged. No action was taken at the meeting last night. Public comments will be taken at a meeting on January 27 at the Decatur Intermediate School on Mann Road. There is a School Board work session slated for January 28. The next regularly scheduled School Board meeting is February 11. If action is not taken by the School Board before February 1, there can be no referendum on the May ballot - unless they pull in some arcane City-County Council rule to fast track it, which would be very difficult to do.


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