Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Council Campaign Finance Reports

I figured it would be interesting to just get the highlights of each sitting Councillor's campaign finance report for 2009. Below I will record the name of the Councillor as a link to their report posted on the Election Board's campaign finance website. I'll list the beginning balance, the total of receipts, the total of expenses and the ending balance for each.

NameBeginning Balance ($)Total Receipts ($)Total Expenditures ($)Ending Balance ($)
Paul Bateman0100.00100.000
Vernon Brown93.260093.26
Virginia Cain1,403.520635.00768.52
Jeff Cardwell5,578.0002,727.002,851.00
Bob Cockrum1,090.5445.00854.00281.54
Susie Day423.580240.45183.13
Jose Evans150.0022,815.0321,304.761,510.27
Monroe Gray2,467.89002,467.89
Ben Hunter3,337.677,125.004,917.995,544.68
Maggie Lewis0250.000250.00
Bob Lutz700.47244.00160.00784.47
Brian Mahern320.623,700.00270.003,750.62
Dane Mahern3,495.295,820.001,310.008,005.29
Barbara Malone414.000300.00114.00
Angela Mansfield1,171.00300.0080.951,390.05
Janice McHenry947.321,504.71867.021,635.01
Doris McNeil Minton0000
Mike McQuillen2,616.437,225.002,709.317,054.12
Lynn McWhirternothing yet available
Mary Moriarty Adams1,641.70001,641.70
Jackie Nytes431.898,017.772,013.596,436.07
Bill Oliver1,152.830380.00772.83
Marilyn Pfisterer79.512,245.00453.901,870.61
Lincoln Plowman794.0214,622.6114,830.761,572.61
Joanne Sanders14,097.964,123.334,227.3013,993.99
Christine Scalesnothing yet available
Kent Smith0420.000 0 reported amount
Mike Speedyno council campaign report
IN State House campaign report
Ryan Vaughn332.7516,933.9015,079.272,187.38

I contacted the Election Board Office a few days ago, and they said it would take a few days after the January 20, 2010, filing deadline to get all reports posted online. I'll keep checking back and fill in the few we still have outstanding.

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