Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IBJ Editorial is Spot On

I was just listening to the IBJ podcast for November 9, when Chris Katterjohn, IBJ's editor, began reading the IBJ editorial from last Friday, titled "Tough love from taxpayers fed up with school spending". It was spot on. I had to pull it down and provide a link here.
Across Indiana, in more than a dozen different school districts over the past year, taxpayers have sent a message to administrators: We are no longer giving you a blank check.

That's how it begins. A couple of paragraphs down it puts everything in proper perspective:
There’s no doubt such rejections have created difficult decisions for many school districts, but that is exactly what the new law was supposed to do—force administrators to examine their budgets and start making smarter decisions about spending.

I'll leave it to you if you are intrigued enough to finish it. But, it was brilliant.

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