Sunday, February 16, 2014

Decatur Schools Referendum - Preamble

With this entry I am starting a series on the May 6 Decatur Schools Referendum.  The District administration says that a $ 0.2986 per $100 net assessed value addition to the property tax bills would generate about $3.85 million per year for them. 

I have not made up my mind on how I will vote on this measure.  I do, however, see many issues that the community needs to discuss, as each voter decides their position.  Harm can come from this referendum.  Harm can come if it is not approved.

It will take a few entries to lay out what I see as the issues.

The next entry will be on accountability and how we find ourselves in this predicament.  Next I will show taxpayers how to easily figure what this referendum would cost you a year and how to register to vote and be sure you are registered in time for May 6.  I'll follow that with individual entries addressing the arguments 'for' the referendum, arguments 'against', and issues that do not neatly fall in either camp but should be considered.

It is important to mention that there is a new Administration in Decatur.  Dr. Matt Prusiecki, Superintendent, and Kirk Farmer, CFO, have been transparent and happy to share whatever numbers and information I have requested.  This is a breath of fresh air, for sure.  I am positive that this transparency and accessibility applies to each resident of our community.  If you want to avail yourself, there is information on the District website, phone numbers, an FAQ section (which I will post as a link in the sidebar to this blog), and a list of referendum presentations by Dr. P. 

I am sure I will leave things out.  Feel free to add your own thoughts and points of view in either the comments section or by sending them on to me at

This referendum is very important, no doubt.  If you do nothing else, be sure you get registered and be sure you vote on May 6.  You don't get to voice an opinion on May 7 if you don't vote on May 6.

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