Sunday, January 27, 2013

Great Digging, Gary Welsh !

Gary Welsh, author of Advance Indiana, has once again scooped mainstream media.  This time his digging uncovered a residency issue for newly selected City-County Councillor, Jefferson Shreve.

Seems the breadcrumbs lead to Bloomington, and not so much to Indianapolis.  There is a record of Shreve's Marion County voter registration in October 2011, but no other links beyond rental property owned in Perry Township.  Meanwhile Shreve holds numerous board seats in Bloomington, some of which say he is a Bloomington resident.

But, read it for yourself - great work Gary !  "Marion Co. GOP Imports Bloomington Resident To Fill Cardwell's Council Seat"

This also illuminates the reason behind Indiana Senator Mike Young's SB621 inclusion of a reduced residency (from 2 years to 1) for Councillors and (from 5 years to 2) for Mayors to take their seats if elected or selected.

Over at Ogden On Politics, Paul Ogden ("Does the Newest Indianapolis Council Member Satisfy the Two Year Residency Requirement?") brings up the question of homestead credit, and in which City is Shreve claiming one?  Monday morning should be interesting for public document requests at City Hall.

It is certain that this mess needs to be completely cleared up before Jefferson Shreve is sworn in as Councillor Shreve and votes to increase two of our (real Indy residents) taxes and increase our TIFs by yet another square mile tomorrow night.  The Council has had a shaky record of following its own rules this past year.  This one should not be let to slide - its too important.


Anonymous said...

So if Mr. Shreve isn't qualified by residency to be seated on the city council can he be seated, can he vote? What redress do the citizens have if any or will this just be another case of the council ignoring it's own rules?

Had Enough Indy? said...

The lawyers among us will have to answer your question. And, its state law that the Council would be ignoring - not 'just' their own rules which are City laws.

Anonymous said...

After Charlie White you would think someone in the media would cover Shreve's residency. There are exactly zero stories about his residency, nothing on tv and nothing in the paper. The paper covered his selection but no mention of his questionable residency.

Had Enough Indy? said...

I agree totally. This is not minor stuff. Maybe they'll ask him at tonight's meeting...

But someone in traditional media should have had something aired or printed by now.