Friday, December 2, 2016

City-County Council to Consider Doubling their Base Salary

Prop 446 will be introduced at Monday night's City-County Council meeting.

This proposal, authored by Councillor Monroe Gray and listed on the agenda as co-sponsored by Council Vice President Zach Adamson, would raise the base salary of Councillors from 12% of the Mayor's base salary - or $11,400 / year - to $25,000 / year.  All other items of compensation, like per diem money for attending Council meetings ($112 / mtg) and Council committee meetings ($62 / mtg; max 40 mtgs) would remain the same.  Also left unchanged would be the additional compensation for serving as President ($1982 / year), VP ($1320 / year), or as a Chair of a committee ($797 / year).

Quick math shows that this would increase the total Council salary by at lease $340,000, exclusive of the additional employer paid taxes.

Prop 446 will be assigned to the Admin & Finance Committee, which next meets December 13 at 5:30 pm in room 260 of the City-County Building.

It might be time to discuss altering the Councillor positions themselves.  Full time positions would certainly pose benefits to the community.  However, the number of full time Councillor positions and adequate Councillor compensation for full time work would need considerable discussion and reflection.

Indianapolis code -  section 192-101 - compensation of the mayor 


section 192-102 - compensation of councillors 


Anonymous said...

Could ANY City County Council be LESS representative of the taxpaying voters than the Indianapolis City County Council (Carmel excepted, of course)?!?

Put the low mentality, disingenuous Democrat hack Zack Adamson and his equally disingenuous skilled-two faced comedic glib Counselor Jeff Miller [who should come out of one of his closets and, at the least, admit he is a Democrat] at the head of this pack of hyenas.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Well, first of all, the voters decided nearly all the Councillors DO represent them - we are getting a couple of appointees to replace those who have moved to the State Legislature.

Secondly, I couldn't agree less with you regarding Councillors Adamson and Miller. I respect both for the amount of time they spend trying to do right by their constituents AND for their effectiveness in those efforts. If I lived in either district I would be proud to cast my vote for either man.

Anonymous said...

Adamson has spent his time on the council sending taxpayers money to Angie's List. He is so full of it!

sjudge said...

While I expect it's always going to be the case that one thinks Councilor X isn't worth their current pay, that's not a logical way to view the issue. What does seem logical, would be to ask what's a reasonable pay for what, ideally, we'd expect each of them to be doing, and comparing our pay structure to other similar cities seems a fair starting point. tho' putting any raise into effect at the start of the next election cycle also seems to make sense. Even with our current gerrymandered system, it's still possible to improve representation through the primaries.