Tuesday, August 5, 2014

School Board Candidates Can File Now

The Election Board began accepting the paperwork for School Board Candidates on July 23.  These forms must be received by noon, Friday, August 22.

This is the first year that school board elections will take place in the general election, where turnout is much greater than in the spring's primary election.

Here is what the Election Board website has to say about school board offices:
School Board candidates follow a different process to run for office. The do not run in a primary election as their offices are considered non-partisan. These offices appear on the ballot in November’s general election. Candidates also file petitions with their local Election Board in order for their name to appear on the ballot. Before downloading the resource packet below, candidates are encouraged to contact their local school corporation to understand their residency and other office requirements adopted by their School Board as required by state law.

If you are interested, the Marion County Election Board has put together a somewhat intimidating School Board Candidate Resource Packet.  The first page contains an excellent summary of the high points and you should read that thoroughly.  The packet includes all the forms you might have to use (some usually aren't needed as most school board candidates don't raise or spend over $500).  Most of the rest of the information is from the State and includes information for everything from a political party to candidates running for statewide office to those running for local offices.  So look for those items relevant to school board candidates.

In order to get your name on the ballot, there are two forms that must be completed, notarized, and turned in together.  Both are included in the packet.  Again, the deadline for filing these is noon, Friday, August 22.

Of particular interest is the information regarding required disclaimers that must appear on any literature or goodie you would hand out.  There is a nice summary on page 35 of the pdf and a thorough discussion on pages 200-202.

The Election Board website lists the following as school board seats up for election in November:
IPS (1 At-Large Seat and Districts 3 and 5)
Beech Grove Schools (3 At-Large Seats)
MSD Decatur Twp (3 Seats)
CSC Franklin Twp (1 At-Large Seat, NE District, SE District)
MSD Lawrence Twp (1 At-Large Seat, District 2)
MSD Perry Twp (District 1 - 3 Seats)
MSD Pike Twp (3 At-Large Seats)
MSD Warren Twp (3 At-Large Seats)
MSD Washington Twp (2 Seats)
MSD Wayne Twp (4 At-Large Seats) 

You'll have to scroll down the page for the school districts, but here is a link to the various school board districts:  http://www.indy.gov/eGov/County/Clerk/Election/Voter_Info/Pages/Precinct%20Maps%20and%20Information.aspx

If you have questions, the Election office is very helpful.  327-5100 is their number.

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