Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why the D's Should Be Nicer to Brian Mahern

My friend Jon Easter penned a thoughtful piece over at Indy Democrat Blog, about the coup attempt by Councillor Brian Mahern at Monday night's Council meeting.  Lot's of comments.

Mahern began this term as Vice President of the Council.  I understand he ruffled feathers and some Councillors felt he did not play well with others.  What he did do, is what he has consistently done.  Stood on the side of good public policy and government expenditures that benefit the public.  He is a true believer and the real deal.

It was clear to all that he was looking to run for Mayor.  However, the powers that be could not continue to ride the gravy train if that were to occur.  The usual suspects didn't contribute to his coffers because it would not get them the coziness they can buy with contributions to other politicians of both parties.  He stopped running.

The Council leadership and their power brokers didn't like all that talk about being sensible with TIFs - nor, for completeness sake, do the Council minority leadership and their power brokers.

The Ds stripped Mahern of his Chairmanship, of his VP position - and just last week they stripped him of even serving on the coveted Rules committee. 

I would not be surprised to have confirmed, that once the State removed At-Large positions from the Council, the County Party decided that At-Large Councillor, Zach Adamson, would win the Slating contest for the local district held by Mahern - such is the integrity of the slating process and all.

But, the Ds should worry about continuing their harsh ways.  Mahern could do an Evans and switch party allegiance to the Rs.  What would he lose?

That one seat would swing the Council to an R majority.

They could cut millions from all Democrat-elected County office budgets - with abandon.

They could re-re-redistrict the Council seats and end the chance that the State Supreme Court would redraw the maps as they did a decade ago.

They could eliminate the homestead credit.  They could redraw the old IPD tax district.  They could increase the COIT and PST income tax rates to max.

They could reassign all members of standing committees of the Council, and taking the D lead, assign a lone D to each one.  Just for fun, they could assign Mahern to all the really nifty committees.

They could create as many new TIF districts in Republican held Council districts as they wanted.  They could continue to snub D Councillors and still not invite them to ribbon cutting ceremonies when key projects are commenced in a Democrat held Council district.

The Mayor's office could go back to ignoring them.

My god, they could even switch the side of the room they sit in.

Clearly, Maggie Lewis would not remain Council President if the Rs gained the majority.

Yup.  A little strategy might be a good thing here. 


Anonymous said...

I agree with some of what you say but your conspiracy theory about the "powers to be" having Adamson run against Mahers is off the wall. No one even knows what districts will look like or if they would even be in the same council district.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Time will tell. Thanks for weighing in, though.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't mind the move over to the R' side, this town needs shaken up.

Jon E. Easter said...

I'm sure the Republicans would just scoop up a MAHERN with open arms and just love him love him love him.

It's Mahern's decision to make. My only point is that someone who is as politically astute as a Mahern should realize that you should count votes before you try to take out the Council President.

If he was grandstanding (which he's excellent at, by the way), then this was a funny way to do it. Christine Scales seems to do just fine by staying a Republican. That's because I think she's more rational and less in-it-for herself than Mahern is.

This whole deal was completely about Brian Mahern, in my opinion. You all can continue to drink his Kool-Aid. If he switches parties, he's got two years tops on the Council. Zach Adamson will replace him in 2015.

Zach is a model of what a servant Councillor should be. There's a difference between hip service and lip service as Sheriff Frank Anderson used to say.

Jon E. Easter said...

I was not meaning to imply that Scales grandstands. My point was that she often raises points in disagreement with her own party without it being about Christine Scales. Mahern can't turn on his microphone quickly enough sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Jon, Mahern is bat shit crazy.IM not sure who you wake up every morning hating like like he does. Mahern becoming a republican..please.I promise you that they dont want him. Mahern is now a man with out a county

Had Enough Indy? said...

Kool-Aid, Jon?

He has been outstanding when it comes to trying to establish sane policies on TIFs and economic development - as well as looking for ways to improve the short and long term finances for the City so that services of the City that benefit the public can flourish.

Researching and establishing sane TIF policies, economic development that doesn't give away the farm, finding funding for recruit classes, opposing the sale of public assets - these aren't Kool-Aid. But they do threaten the gravy train of some in both parties who don't care so much about the people, as they do about keeping as many public dollars flowing their way as possible.

I'll take substance over style any day of the week.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Anon 8:03 - nobody hates quite so well as party insiders trying to circle the wagons and herd the cats.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:03 is right. Mahern is mentally unstable and is off his meds, seriously.
Pat, ignorance is bliss and on this subject you are blissfully ignorant. Brian is a MAHERN and was part of the political insiders (until he showed his true crazy self) which is why he was propped up as VP not because he deserved it. He was a jerk from the very beginning. "Being nice" to Mahern is akin to rewarding the school yard bully. He's on his own planet.

Had Enough Indy? said...

Anon 10:55 - just like the type of vicious rumor the party spreads to defame folks not in favor.