Monday, June 3, 2013

Jon Murray Tracks Down SuperBowl Ring Mystery

The mystery of the Value of the SuperBowl ring has been solved by IndyStar's City Beat reporter, Jon Murray.

As you will recall, Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana, discovered a gifted Super Bowl ring, reported by Mayor Greg Ballard on his 2012 'Statement of Economic Interest' form, was valued at only $400, when such things normally go for $5000.

Well Murray reports on his blog, Deep Fried Politics, that the ring's not the real McCoy.  He quotes the Mayor's spokesman, Marc Lotter, as saying
 “There’s no real gemstones or anything along those lines in (the ring),”
Seems the rings a commemorative reproduction.  Here's a link to Murray's piece, so you can get all the details from him.

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