Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cricket Field Plans - Hiding in Plain Sight

I began looking for the Public Works Board meeting that actually approved the $5.8 million cricket fields dubbed 'City of Indianapolis World Sports Park'.

I caught an allusion to 'last fall' in today's Board of Public Works meeting, so began cruising WCTY's archives starting with September, 2012.

I found an item on the December 5, 2012, meeting of that Board - a 2nd amendment to a contract regarding the project.  The ensuing discussion among Board members brings out the expectation that this project will total $10-15 million, be part of a public-private partnership already being worked on, and is being done in conjunction with the Parks Department, which failed to mention anything to the Council.

I've embedded the entire conversation and will bring forward any other clips of other meetings where the 'gaelic sports' are mentioned.

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