Monday, December 10, 2012

CIB to Sign One Year Deal With Pacers

This press release came from Council President, Maggie Lewis:
Indianapolis City-County Council President Maggie A. Lewis
Media Response about CIB Vote to Extend Pacers Agreement
December 12, 2012
"Extending the Pacers agreement at this time allows us the opportunity to focus on the pressing issues at hand which is city governance.  Issues such as public safety are a priority for us right now.  Approving the agreement with the Pacers moves this off of our list and allows us to place all of our emphasis on matters that are pressing to our constituencies and will keep moving Indianapolis forward."
This just saves the CIB the embarrassment of begging for more tax revenue at the same time they are flush enough to hand millions more of public money to the Simons.  If they can afford an extra $10 million right now, then they should pay up on the PILOT and turn down any tax increases.  Enough is enough.



Paul K. Ogden said...

We need the legislature to intervene and take away the ability to raise those taxes.

Jon said...

Does it take a reversal of state law(s) to disband the CIB? We have a city council that we elect and we can choose new leaders thru the electoral process but the CIB are appointed and apparently not answerable to anyone, at least not anyone who isn't a downtown law firm.

Once those clowns get done taxing the city back into medieval times will be too late.

It's just too bad this city and this state never enacted legislation to recall politicians or at the very least the ability to cast a vote of no confidience and dissolve the current government.