Friday, July 22, 2011

Broad Ripple Parking - More BZA Decisions Noted - Running Total 320

I am still compiling the list of Variances granted by the Boards of Zoning Appeals for reduced parking in the Broad Ripple area.  As shown already in my recent blog post "BZA Decisions Contributed Mightily To Broad Ripple Parking Situation", these grants of Variance account for more than the supposed shortage on Friday and Saturday nights after 11 pm.

Well, you can add another 4 Variances that contributed another 94 spaces to the shortage.  This brings the running total up to 320.  We are getting close to the capacity of the proposed parking garage, for which the taxpayers would contribute $6.35 million.

#StreetCase #App'dReq'dDiff
831Broad Ripple87-CV-53910162
810-844Broad Ripple2003-DV3-0186
854Broad Ripple99-V1-9301717
830Broad Ripple90-V1-432119

There are another 23 Variances that mention reduced parking in their summary, but complete information as to how many that amounts to is lacking.  I will be getting more information about these and others.  Stay tuned.

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