Monday, June 20, 2011

WRTV Takes Look at Broad Ripple Garage

Kara Kenney, WRTV reporter, did a very good job summarizing the issues revolving around the proposed garage to be built in Broad Ripple with $6.4 million of public money.

I'd embed the video, if it were possible.  Print version of report - click here.   Video version of report - click here. Gary Welsh of Advance Indiana and Zach Adamson, candidate for City-County Council, were both interviewed, among others.

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Anonymous said...

Good job in digging this up.

100% publically financed parking garages with no ownership interest or revenue sharing on top of a long term anchor lease by the city police is not only stupid but possibly criminal.

Clearly this parking garage could get private financing based upon market demand and a anchor retail tenant.

More media outlet need to pick this up and dig deeper into the facts before the one public meeting on it.