Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TIF Districts - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly - Part 3

In this part 3 of the TIF District series, I'd like to share some links that provide further information - some of which is authored by folks you'll be familiar with.

MKNA blog on TIF districts -- (current) as part of an educational process as the Meridian Kessler Neighborhood Association deliberates on the potential for a TIF area landing in their neighborhood

South Bend Tribune "Good tool, but..." -- (2011) brings up pro and con TIF district points

Baker & Daniels "Tax Increment Finance in Indiana" -- (pdf created in 2008, document undated)  authored by Melina Kennedy and posted on CDFA.net, a pro-public-private partnership and pro-tax-financing group (thanks to Yoda, who cited this document in the MKNA blog)

CDFA overview of TIF history and types  -- (2008) authored by Jackie Nytes and posted on CDFA.net, a pro-public-private-partnership and pro-tax-financing group -- has county map showing location of TIF districts at that time

An IBJ article "City reviews TIF districts" -- (2008) wherein Mayor Greg Ballard criticizes former Mayor Bart Peterson's TIF district policy as overreaching and some TIF districts having overlived their usefulness

Neareastside HOTIF FAQs -- (2006) written on City of Indianapolis, Mayor Bart Peterson, letterhead

If you have other links, please provide them to me and I'll edit this entry (hadenoughindy@gmail.com)

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