Sunday, October 10, 2010

CIB, H&H Budgets On Deck - Final Committee Votes Rolling Out

The end of the budget sessions are now in sight. The City-County Council committee meetings will begin focusing on amendments to previously discussed budgets started Thursday and will resume on Tuesday.

Monday night, however, sees the very last of the budget review and public comment sessions. Saving the most controversial to last, Monday night the Municipal Corporations committee will review the 2011 budgets for the Capital Improvement Board and the Health & Hospital Corporation.

This meeting begins at 5:30 pm in room 260 of the City-County Building.

The Admin & Finance committee meets on Tuesday night and will vote their portion of the budget out of committee. The Public Works committee will not meet this week; postponing its final budget consideration until October 21.

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Gary R. Welsh said...

Pat, Once again the public had to wait about two and a half hours before being given the chance to speak, only to be told by Barb Malone they would be limited to just two minutes. After all, it was getting late and she needed a drink. I'm curious why Bieberstine felt compelled to step in line in front of you during public testimony as a lobbyist for the Chamber of Commerce. He simply sat down after he spoke; it wasn't like he had someplace else to be. I thought that was rather rude of him to do, even though you obliged his request.