Monday, August 17, 2009

Budget Hearing Schedule - Week 2

Here are the budgets that will be reviewed this week. Please note that there are two committees meeting simultaneously on Monday (tonight) night.

Monday -- 5:30 -- room 118 -- Noble of Indiana, Marion County Fair Board, Regional Health & Mental Health Centers, Marion County Cooperative Extension Service -- if you are looking for the Guardian Home budget, this is the place it would have been if it hadn't been zeroed out.

Monday -- 5:30 -- room 260 -- Department of Metropolitan Development

Tuesday -- 5:30 -- room 260 -- Office of Mayor, Office of Corporate Counsel (City Legal), Election Board, Voter Registration, County Recorder, County Surveyor

Wednesday -- 5:30 -- room 260 -- Marion County Prosecutor and Child Support Division, Circuit & Superior Court, County Clerk, Marion County Sheriff

Thursday -- 5:30 -- room 260 -- Department of Public Works

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ebitda said...

The CIB dropped the INDEPENDENT Financial Audit prepared by a Professional Accounting firm at its last meeting, leaving only a brief financial review by the State Board of Accounts.

Seems pretty stupid when they have so many people questioning the accuracy of the CIB books , that they drop a professional accounting firm and give all the responsibility to the State Board of Accounts which has failed to read the Independent Financial Audit and Red Flag huge problems for over 17 years.

Bring Back The Professional Independent Financial Audit With State Board of Accounts Review!!!!!