Monday, June 15, 2009

Decatur Township Getting Screwed on Taxes - You, Too?

I just got my tax bill and quite an eye-opener. I have only sketchy information as of this moment, but will fill in when I get more.

The bottom line is that our tax bill is LARGER than the 2% tax cap for pay-2008 would allow. I called the Marion County Treasurer and I was told that the Legislature passed a change to the tax cap legislation that would allow schools to charge a greater tax than the caps would allow.

I am furious.

I called the DLGF and had to leave a message. I would like to know more about the exception and how much it will erode the 1.5% tax cap and the 1% tax cap.

Because of profligate spending the the Decatur School Superintendent, Don Stinson, and the School Board, my school taxes now comprise 63% of my tax bill.

I am furious.

I called my Representative, Bob Behning. Had to leave a message.

I will yet call my State Senator and my school board members.

This erosion of the tax caps may be hitting Decatur harder than most Townships, but you should be concerned if you were hoping for relief from the caps. The schools were the primary reason for the excessive property tax bills to begin with.

More as I get it.

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