Monday, April 13, 2009

Mayor Ballard to Unveil Plan

Mayor Greg Ballard is set to finally unveil his plan to deal with the shortfall in the Capital Improvements Board funding at a press conference at the Convention Center beginning at 2:00 pm.

Comments on the website suggest he will be speaking at a meeting of the Board - and that might be so, as Channel 16 will show a tape of a CIB meeting tomorrow night at 7:00 pm.

Don't bother looking for CIB meetings and their attendant agendas on the City's Calendar pages, thought. All their protestations to the contrary, the CIB does not worry about informing the public about anything it would rather not share, like its meeting schedule or meeting room location.

Its unfortunate that the legislation that would require public notice of meetings be published online has been summarily pocketed by Representative John Bartlett.

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